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Class Descriptions!

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Class Descriptions!  Empty Class Descriptions!

Post by Vinius Mon Sep 08, 2014 1:45 pm

For anyone who's played BGO, you know classes give you a little bit of an edge depending on which you choose. Percy Jackson has an array of different gods granting abilities, so why not have our own classes? So here are the first three:

Medic: You guessed it, these are your camp's gentle souls who nurture and help the allied and injured. Being a camp healer is ideal for the supporting character, who doesn't want to rush in and beat people up. Anyone skilled in first aid can pursue this path!
Event Benefit: Grants a 20% chance of health increase (used on self or other) during HP bar events per turn. Rolling a 5 using a 1d5 will grant this ability. If successful, roll 1d6 to determine how much health is returned. Single targeting. [Can surpass max hp up to 5 points.]
Event Drawback: Every successful strike against a healer does +1 damage for lack of their defensive capabilities.

Archer: Archers tend to be the more quiet, observant campers who prefer not to put themselves in the face of danger, but still take a fighting position. Another supporting character class that excels using single-shot long range weaponry such as bows, darts, slingshots, etc. Single shot, to clarify, is a weapon that shoots once per turn, so it would not include dual weapons, regardless of range.
Event Benefit: Inflict extra damage on successful hits using long range weapons. After damage roll, automatically add +2 damage for precision strike.
Event Drawback: Every successful strike against an archer that is is medium to short range (i.e. hand to hand combat, sword combat, etc.) does +1 damage

Runner: Full of energy and quick on their feet as well as their mind, Runners are a strong class of melee fighters whose preferred strategy in battle is dodging and quick jabs. Typically seen on the field of battle, these sneaky characters live on the edge and love a good challenge.
Event Benefit:While normal dodge roll is 1d4, with rolling a 3 or 4 landing a successful hit, other classes use 1d5, with rolling 4 or 5 landing a successful hit against a runner, increasing their dodge chance.
Event Drawback: Because their defense relies on dodging and not enduring, any successful strike on a runner deals +2.5 damage on top of the normal damage roll.

Soldier: Most of the soldier class are loud and proud campers, who laugh in the face of danger and love adventure. They take the head on approach and smash first, ask questions later. Like runners, they're highly competitive.
Event Benefit: A successful strike anyone from soldier class lands in mid to close range combat (does not include bows, guns, etc.) does an extra +3 damage.
Event Drawback: Whatever is rolled for max health before a battle loses 10%. [if you have 20 max health, it's actually 18] and the soldier class cannot be healed during a fight. [Not by a healer OR healing items purchased in the drachma shop.]

Event Benefit: none
Event Drawback: none

The next class will be determined in the future!

At the moment, classes are NOT IMPLEMENTED. They will be once the last one is chosen! There will be a neutral class with no drawbacks or benefits, that you may choose a character to be if you wish. Any preexisting characters can choose one of the classes once they are implemented; pm Lux once this becomes available and she will change your already-approved character form! Otherwise, just add it in the new Class section of the character template. Remember to choose carefully; this cannot be altered without purchasing the ability to do so from the drachma store! And it will determine your course of battle in future events! In role plays that don't use the health bar and dodge/attack rolls, classes are less important, though they may still be useful for plot and character.

Each class has a general character description that fits it, but that is more of an I-can't-choose sort of description! If your head strong, loud and aggressive character wishes to be a healer, this is perfectly fine! Though we do recommend that you base it somewhat off of your character's fighting style to fully take advantage of the class.

Any questions, feel free to post below! There will be another topic pertaining to the unidentified class(es) so don't worry about that for now. c:

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